Fire inspectors play a vital role in ensuring the safety of organisations by conducting regular fire inspections. Assured staff  are trained, third party certificated and use PAS documents to identify potential fire hazards, assess the effectiveness of fire safety measures, and provide risk based recommendations for improvement.

During a fire inspection, a fire inspector will carefully examine various aspects of your premises, including fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, emergency exits(or fire door), electrical systems, storage areas, and any potential sources of ignition. They will also review your fire safety plans, evacuation procedures, and employee training records.

Fire inspectors have in-depth knowledge of fire safety regulations and standards, allowing them to assess the compliance of your business with legal requirements. They will check if all necessary fire safety equipment is present, functional, and properly maintained. Additionally, they will evaluate your business’s fire prevention and emergency response protocols to ensure they are adequate and effective.

After conducting the inspection, fire inspectors will provide you with a detailed report outlining any deficiencies or violations found. They may also offer recommendations for improving fire safety measures and ensuring compliance with regulations. It is important to address these recommendations promptly to mitigate potential fire risks and ensure the safety of your business.

By working closely with fire inspectors and following their recommendations, you can maintain a safe working environment, comply with legal requirements, and protect your business from fire-related risks.