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Ensure the safety of your employees and customers by reviewing your Passive Fire Protection.

Assured will be able to help you define the correct strategy for your business.

Passive Fire Protection involves having a strategy of measures that limits, protects, and contains the impact of a fire. Active measures typically include the usual collection of sprinklers, fire extinguishers and such, whilst Passive Fire Protection measures work on a more fundamental level – including strategies such as coating walls with fire-resistent chemicals.

More specifically, Passive Fire Protection measures focus on limiting the spread of the fire’s flames, the smoke and the heat being generated by the hazard – statistically the vast majority of harm and death attributable to fires is as a result of smoke inhalation, not direct contact with the flames. Measures in limiting the fire must comprehensively deal with all issues of smoke, fire, and heat, that arise.

In summary, a Passive Fire Protection strategy will provide measures including:

  • focus on limiting smoke, fire, and heat from spreading

  • Put in place specific protection measures in key areas, locations, and routes

  • Combine fire protection with limitation measures for designated fire escapes



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