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Supporting Our Clients Throughout The UK With Delivery Of All Aspects Of Passive Fire Protection As Well As FSO:2005 Fire Risk Assessment

Fire safety consultancy services are essential for businesses and property owners who want to ensure the safety of their premises and the people who occupy them.

Our services provide professional advice and guidance on the safety regulations , procedures and equipment, helping you to minimise the risk of fire and ensure that you are fully compliant with relevent legislation.

Our fire safety consultants can conduct detailed fire risk assessments to identify potential hazards, provide recommendations on fire prevention measures, and help you to develop comprehensive emergency response plans.

By working with us you gain peace of mind knowing that your premises are equipped to deal with any potential fire hazards, and that you are fully prepared to respond in the event of an emergency.

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Fire Door Consultancy

Our consultancy services are offered to support building owners and operators.

Assured Fire Door Consultancy - The MOD

Fire Risk Assessments

Experienced assessors carrying out FRAs on a wide variety of buildings

Assured Fire Door Consultancy_Local Authority Buildings

Project Management

Supporting clients with contrcat administration and contractor management with Fire Safety Works.

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Passive Fire Protection Surveys

Passive Fire Protection Surveys on a building’s fabric.

Assured Fire Door Consultancy_Airport Buildings

Qualitative design and concept review

Providing design teams with fire safety related support.


At Assured our mission statement is to provide high quality independent guidance in support of best representing our client’s needs and those of their service users.


We pride ourselves on having high levels of competency and ethics supported by our membership of certification schemes that we believe to be the strongest in the UK.

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We’re Here To Help Your Business Stay Safe

With the provision of accurate and independent guidance

UK Fire Stats Year Ending 2022

Each year there are around 22,000 fires in workplaces around the UK.
FRSs attended 238,885 fire false alarms
Year ending June 2022 there were 275 fire-related fatalities

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