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Fire Safety Consutlancy Services from Assured

Unlock Compliance to Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022: Foundation in Operating a Building’s Fire Doors

Is your business compliant with fire safety regulations, particularly concerning fire door maintenance and operation? In the UK, adherence to stringent fire safety laws is paramount for safeguarding lives and property. That’s why we offer specialized training tailored to empower your in-house staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure fire door compliance.

Training Objective

Our goal is to enable your team to conduct suitable and sufficient fire door checks as part of your general fire precautions.

Deep understanding of fire door safety legislation

Learn how to perform effective inspections
Acquire the expertise to address any issues identified

Who is the Training For?

Property Services Teams both Managers and Technicians

Equip your management team with the expertise to oversee fire door compliance effectively.


Empower administrative staff to support fire safety initiatives within your organization.

Scheme Managers

Provide scheme managers with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain fire safety standards across properties.

Course Highlights

Legal Framework

Understand the relevant fire safety legislation and regulations governing fire door maintenance and operation.

Fire Door Components

Learn about the different components of fire doors and their importance in fire resistance.

Inspection Techniques

Gain practical skills in conducting thorough fire door inspections, including identifying common issues and defects.

Maintenance Guidelines

Discover best practices for maintaining fire doors to ensure their effectiveness in the event of a fire.

Documentation and Record-Keeping

Learn how to document inspections, record findings, and maintain comprehensive records for compliance purposes.

Why Choose Us?

CPD Certification

Our training program is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certified, ensuring that participants receive recognized professional development credits upon completion.


Our trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in fire safety and compliance.

Tailored Training

We customize our training to meet the specific needs and challenges of your business.

Practical Approach

Participants engage in hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios to enhance learning.

Compliance Assurance

Rest assured, our training aligns with the latest fire safety legislation and industry standards.

Ongoing Support

We’re committed to supporting your ongoing fire safety initiatives beyond the training session.

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