We are delighted to share a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to safety and well-being. Recently, we had the privilege of providing a specialized Fire Door Safety Training to the dedicated team at Red Kite, focusing on the foundational aspects of operational fire door safety within residential dwellings with communal areas.

About the Training

In this comprehensive session, we delved into essential topics such as competency, legal framework, QPs, routine maintenance protocols, and the critical role fire doors play in ensuring the safety of residential spaces, particularly those with communal areas. Our aim was to empower the Red Kite team with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance safety standards within their community.

A Grateful Thank You

We extend our sincere gratitude to Red Kite for placing their trust in us for this important training initiative. Their commitment to prioritizing safety aligns seamlessly with our shared values, and we commend their dedication to creating a secure living environment for all residents.